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Yoga, the name itself symbolizes discipline & wellness along with the relaxation of #mind, #body and #soul. Yoga has great positive effects on our body. It gives physical as well as physiological relaxation. Yoga is a great form of #exercise for achieving flexibility, and shows wonderful results in shaping up your muscles. The various kinds of Yoga Asanas like bending poses, Joint movements, breathing, Neck and wrist rotations, etc. will help you lose stomach fat and burn calories.

Here, we offer various Yoga activities along with the healthy Indian food for Yoga enthusiasts. We provide you the best tips for eating before and after Yoga. We will let you know as to how the combination of Indian food and Yoga can help you achieve healthy living.

We offer following attractive services to people:

#Yoga sessions & techniques: Offering various Yoga techniques and postures as advised by Yoga experts.

Pre and post Yoga food: Serving you with healthy organic food before and after every Yoga session.

Yoga consultancy by #Yog #guru: Offering personal consultancy with yoga guru after the session (if required)
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from Delhi Food Yoga

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