Review of India Food Tour – Private Tour

““Awesome tour of India”
Before we (husband and wife) reached India, we had planned to take a food tour of New Delhi with Rajeev and then leave for Agra for 2-3 days of sightseeing. But we decided to hire them to help us with our Agra trip too. It was a good decision as they made sure that we had the best possible India experience in the short time we had. We got great hotel rooms, good guides who explained us all the fine points of monuments we visited and the food was simply superb, especially in New Delhi. Food in Agrawas good too, but compared to Delhi, it still had much to improve. With them, we didn’t have to worry about touts or other “”businessmen”” trying to rip us off and our tour was done in peace and overall good mood. Any tourist who has been anywhere must really appreciate not being bothered by touts and shady salesmen trying to sell off useless junk to anyone in range. We liked the clear and honest way in which we were explained how our money was utilized and their advice about traveling in India. We wish that we had more time to spend in India, but there is always next time.” #india #food #travel #tourism
from Delhi Food Yoga

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