Review of Delhi Photo Tour

““Great way to explore and photograph Delhi” I went on the full day food + photo tour. In the morning we visited the Lotus Temple and another monument. We then headed over to Old Delhi where the food tour began. After Old Delhi we stopped at India Gate at night, went inside a Sikh temple and afterwards had dinner. I’m really pleased I did this tour. I got to see sights that I would otherwise not have seen – inside the Sikh temple was great. It was really nice having an experienced photographer and foodie to guide you around Old Delhi. We went past some really interesting / photogenic scenes and having a guide who was also taking lots of pictures made me feel more comfortable shooting people and market stalls. A highlight was the spice market which was an interesting experience and a great place to take pictures. The food part of the tour was a great experience too. We ate in places that otherwise I would not have gone to. It was great eating with local people instead of in a fancy restaurant. The food was super and Shobhit – the guide – was great at finding food to suit your taste (sweet, spicy, savoury). I have not had any problems since eating the food. Shobhit – the guide – was great. He spoke excellent English, selected great food, great places to take photos and knew a lot about the places we went to. What was really nice about this tour was that it was done at a relaxed pace so you didn’t have to rush. You could wander around slowly and enjoy the atmosphere.

The price of the tour included everything (entry tickets, transport, food, drinks) so once you had paid you did not have to worry about anything. There were also no visits to tourist handicraft shops / jewelery shops…etc. The tour was just about food, photography and enjoying the sights of Delhi. I really recommend this tour. It was a great and relaxed way to enjoy delicious Indian food, take some great photos and enjoy walking around some of Delhi’s interesting streets.” #phototours #photowalks #delhi #india
from Delhi Food Yoga

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