Old Delhi Food Walk – Do What Locals Do

Food Walk in Delhi https://www.dowhatlocalsdo.io/en/listings/111543-old-delhi-food-walk
During this food walk, a guest can taste 12 to 16 different dishes or more. These include different type of chaats, kulfi, parantha, lassi, and many others. All the food items are safe to eat and food served can be modified to suit different people’s preferences. The meeting point of this tour is ticket counter neargate number 2 of Chawari Bazar Metro station. If required, pickup and drop from most areas from Delhi city can be arranged for an extra fee.

Languages spoken: English, Hindi
Recommended gear: A moderate amount of walking is involved, so wear comfortable shoes and clothes.

Included in price: Unlimited food and drinks. Taxes, entry fees Bottled water Sanitizer and hand wipes

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Old Delhi food walk is a fun way to experience the cuisine and sights of the city as you walk through lively streets and centuries old markets. This food walk allows you to indulge your taste buds with the best street food dishes from the city’s oldest and most famous food joints. During this food walk, you will visit 6 to 8 or may be more, food joints, which have been doing their business in the same place for decades. Few of them are more than 100 years old !
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from Delhi Food Yoga https://www.dowhatlocalsdo.io/en/listings/111543-old-delhi-food-walk

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